About Us

We provide you a WebVR Editor to use in creating amazing 360 video experiences that you can then share as personalized VR ecards.

We then provide you a marketplace where you can buy and sell your created VR ecards and templates so you can make some money and or earn a living.

We provide you an easy way to share amazing 360 video Virtual Reality Experiences instantly with your friends and family that’s better than sending just another boring Ecard!

VR eCards are 360 video Virtual Reality greeting cards that you can easily personalize and share with anyone or a group of people anytime you choose.

VR eCards are designed for those who are dissatisfied with the hassles of the archaic system of mailing out static greeting cards.  Unlike the competition, VR eCards allows you to provide an experience with your greeting card instantly. They are personalizable, they can be created and shared very quickly online, and most significantly it allows you and the recipient to interact with the messages and experience the emotions you want conveyed with your message.

You are able to search for a VR eCards by category or type then personalize it for your intended recipient(s) and then share however you choose.  When received they can be viewed on any web or mobile browser or by using any of the Virtual Reality headsets (Google Cardboard or DayDream, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, etc).

Content Creators

We provide graphic artists, 3d artists/modelers, virtual reality (VR) content creators opportunities to make money by selling the amazing VR eCards they create through our VR eCards marketplace.

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