How Does VR eCards’ Pricing Work?

WebVR, 360 Videos and VR eCards Q&ACategory: Selling VR eCardsHow Does VR eCards’ Pricing Work?
VReCards Admin Staff asked 2 years ago

The artist sets the initial price of the product. After that, VR eCards will review the product and adjust the price if it feels a different price will generate more revenue for the artist and to VReCards. To address pricing issues, please contact us.

When pricing your VR eCards, there are some easy-to-follow guidelines we think everyone should be aware of. Ridiculously cheap VR eCards and VR Templates are usually suspected of being low quality no matter how good the previews look. And ridiculously expensive VR eCards don’t sell.

We believe that almost any VR eCard with a price shouldn’t be priced lower than $2.99.

From our experience, reasonable prices start at $2.99 and can go up to $29.99 depending on the quality and scale.

VR eCards above $29.99 would normally be extremely detailed, very difficult to make and in very high demand. But then again you are free to set whatever price you like.

For VR Templates we recommend an average price range between $29.99 to $197.00. Templates are priced higher as customers will be able to use them to create VReCard products for sale.