How to do I sell my VR eCards?

VReCards Admin Staff asked 2 years ago

To sell your VR eCards:

  1. Create or login to your account and go to the “Selling VR eCards” tab.
  2. Fill out the your Selling Information details and click “Start Selling VR.”
  3. Navigate to the WebVR editor tool to create a VR eCard product.
  4. When publishing, you will have the option to publish as a VR eCard Product or as a VR Template.
    • Customers that purchase your VR eCard products will only be able to personalize then. However, when customers purchase your VR Templates they will be able to use them to create VR eCards products for sale. Therefore templates are priced higher than VR eCard products.
    • The average price range of a VR eCard is typically between $2.99 to $29.99 while average price range for a VR Template is between $29.99 to $197.00.
  5. Once your VR eCard product/template is rendered (as a 360 video), you will be able to preview and publish it on the site.
  6. In order to publish, you will need to setup the product information such as the price, categories, description. We recommend that you make your description as descriptive as possible to ensure customers know what they are purchasing and what they can personalize. Note: You’ll earn 55% royalties from the sale of your product(s).
  7. To see your earnings, go to the “Selling VR eCards” tab were you will see your selling reports and commissions. Note: your royalty payments are made on the 15th of each month for the previous month sales.