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How Virtual Reality is Changing the Greeting Cards Industry Forever!

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You know, there was a time, a very long time ago, where you had very little options. The easiest way for you to express you cared for someone was you that you mailed them a greeting card on a special occasion, or as an invitation or to mark a season’s celebration.

That was until Kim Kardashian’s BFF,  celebutante Maria “the bitch” Molinsky said “Ain’t nobody wants your stinky greeting cards anymore”

Mailing a greeting card was special in 1947, then things changed. Everyone started doing it so it no longer felt special. In 1997, eCards became available with the advent of the internet. Back then, when you sent someone an eCard by email they felt amazing and shared with all their friends and family and you looked cool, hip and in the know. Then in 2007, Video eCards became the norm. With Youtube it became possible for you to send funny cat videos to your friends and family and generic video ecards. Once again, you where special, you were with the times and you were in with the flow.

Today, its Virtual Reality Greeting Cards (VR eCards)

So what exactly is it? Well, VR eCards are designed for those who are dissatisfied with the hassles of the current archaic system of mailing out greeting cards.

Unlike regular greeting cards, VR eCards allows you to provide an experience for your loved ones. They are personalizable, they can be created and shared quickly online, and most significantly it allows the user to interact with the messages and experience the emotions you want conveyed.

The next question you might have is who exactly is it for? It can be used by anyone, even my friends wife’s grandma that is 97 years old knows how to send one and sure loves receiving it. Its for you even if you are not that tech savvy and you only know how to use the internet.

Its great to send as a birthday card, invitation card, seasons greeting, basically you can send it to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world for any occasion, celebration or just to express yourself.

To send your VR eCard simply go to, select the VR card you like, then personalize it so that it becomes original to you. You can send it right away or schedule it to go out at the date and time that works best for you.

Its that easy! When you receive it you can view it on your phone or computer’s browser. If you have a VR headset then you simply click on view in VR mode and then place it in your headset to experience the VR eCard in virtual reality mode.

You know, I once saved a friend from drowning, but the interesting thing was that I made him jump. I hope I can save you too from sending boring greeting cards 🙂

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